Rechargeable White Automatic Dish Soap Dispenser

Rechargeable White Automatic Dish Soap Dispenser

Rechargeable battery unique integrated pump white automatic foam

Product Details

Rechargeable white automatic dish soap dispenser

Ordinary foam soap dispensers have dual pumps that when used move both air and soap, injecting both together through small openings to create a lather. But there has one pump which is invented by our engineers. We are the owner of intellectual property of the unique integrated pump in China.  


You can use Lebath mini for dish wash, hand wash even body wash. The rechargeable battery can sustain for more than two weeks.


【Sensor pump, touch-free】Stop germ transfer,it has very high efficiency and is able to consistently dispense soap accurately, and provides a steady flow and prevents messy drips. Special low noise pump design.

【Rechargeable battery powered】 2000mA rechargeable battery, more environment-friendly (included). Typically, the battery can last for up to 2 weeks one charge, and can be charged for 800 times. 

【Save space】Mounted on the wall for saving space in the bathroom.

【Usage scenarios】Hand wash/ Dish wash/Body wash/Wash face/Remover