Pink Foam Soap Dispenser Bottle In Stock

Pink Foam Soap Dispenser Bottle In Stock

All of our foam soap dispenser have one year’s limited warranty, replacement or fully refund in case of bad quality​

Product Details

Pink Foam Soap Dispenser Bottle In Stock

【Stop germ transfer】Place your hand under the IR sensor to dispense foamy soap automatically. Touchless soap dispenser can help cut down the accumulation of germs and bacteria. No touch!

【Built-in infrared smart sensor】 It has a strong heart (foam sensor pump) which creates foam automatically.

【Bluetooth】High quality built-in Bluetooth connect with your cell-phone to play any audio and answer phone calls. 

【Rechargeable battery powered】 5200mA rechargeable battery, more environment-friendly (included). Typically, the battery can last for up to 2 weeks one charge, and can be charged for 800 times. 

【Easy to refill and use】 Unique cartridge bottle design lets refill becomes easier.

【Save space】Mounted on the wall for saving space in the bathroom.

【Waterproof】IPX4  prevent battery and circuit board.

We have bulk of this multifunctions type soap dispenser in stock, can provide you fastest delivery without delay,  in normally within 24 hours for sample & common order.

"Quality is our Culture" all of our products have to pass strict inspection before they leave factory, including waterproof test, low temperature test, damage test, leak proof test and etc.

Better products at lower prices, high cost-effective product is your best choice.

Sensor pump, touch-free:

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