White Liquid Soap Dispenser Bathroom Decoration

White Liquid Soap Dispenser Bathroom Decoration

This soap dispenser unique design and fresh neutral color is a perfect stylish addition to fits any bathroom or kitchen sink.

Product Details

White liquid soap dispenser bathroom decoration

This is the first rechargeable smart foam dispenser for bathing in the world. Try it! Release your physical and mental tiredness after a long day, it is amazing! The big advantage of the foam dispenser automatic is that is for home use, by considering many details as household equipment.


1. Infrared automatic sensing type 

2. Cartridges type, easy and convenience

3.  Capsule Style -- disposable plastic bottles for change soap liquid

4. Child-proof lock for preventing children make trouble.

5. Rechargeable Lithium Battery.

6. No drill, easier installation.

7. Reminder by warm human voice.

8. Fantastic Bluetooth speaker.

9. Waterproof IPX-4

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